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Hybrid meetings

hybrid meetings in SURREY

The recent pandemic has lead to a huge rise in the popularity of Virtual, or Hybrid, meetings. But what are they? Simply put, a Hybrid meeting is a meeting that allows part of your group to be in a conference room while the other participants join from their homes, the local coffee shop or wherever they may be in the world. Our audio and video technology allows you to seamlessly share content with your colleagues without the increased expense of bringing them together.

Why hold a hybrid meeting?

Remote Team Members

Hybrid meetings allow you to speak face to face with colleagues across the globe in real time. Enabling quicker decision making and smoother interactions.

Save on Expenses

Bringing the team together virtually greatly reduces expenses for both the business and your delegates.

Improved Sustainability

Without the added travel needed by your delegates to attend your meeting, you're doing your bit to protect our environment.

Record Your Meeting

Make a recording of your meeting or event and send it out to those who couldn't make it on the day.

Less Time Consumption

Removing the need for early wake up calls and long travel times means less time away from work.

Measurable Results

With the use of additional engagement features you can interact with your team in real time through quiz questions and polls.

Social Media Intergration

Share your conference across some of the most popular social media platforms live and interact with those tuning in.

Increased Delegate Numbers

A virtual meeting means you're not limited to the size of the conference room. You can ask an almost unlimited number of people to join in.

" No matter what happens in the future all events are going to be hybrid…I don’t think anyone is ever going to run a large public-facing B2B event without a digital component ever again "
Orson Francescone
FT LIve | Financial Times

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