The One Way Ticket Murder Mystery (Show & Dinner)


Play the role of detective at our upcoming murder mystery evening. Including a seat at our murder mystery show, a delicious three-course meal and a post-show disco.

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Event Details

Start time: 19:30

Venue: Hartsfield Manor

The One Way Ticket

Play the role of detective at our upcoming 1950s period murder mystery evening, The One Way Ticket.

All aboard for Murder? Beware the lure of the NightCrawler.
In the Golden Age of Steam, the journey aboard the NightCrawler was supposed to be a simple one. Overnight from Victoria it should have taken the four travelers trapped in carriage number 11 just under two hours to reach Canterbury. Who had locked the doors to the carriage? Why were the occupants travelling by night? Where is the haunting melody of the singing child coming from? Four travelers set off but for one of them…This will be their final destination!


Butternut squash and sweet potato soup, herb oil

Main course
Pan fried chicken breast, tender stem broccoli and red wine jus

Sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream

Tea & coffee